‘Inspired By Folk’

We are delighted to be taking part in NEOS 2012 this year with Tracey Johnston and Anne Murray exhibiting their collaborative work. Tracey and Anne have been collaborating over the past year, inspired by folk art they have shared their expertise in their own disciplines by exploring each other’s medium and approaches.  This cross over selection of work has resulted in Tracey working in 3D for the first time and Anne working in 2D.  The body of work is ‘inspired by folk’, especially Scandinavian crafts and Seaton Pottery.   Anne and Tracey are also exhibiting paintings and prints.

Anne Murray was recently awarded the prestigious RSA William Littlejohn award which will allow her to do some further study with Paul Furneaux to develop Moku Hanga printing skills and research into using this ancient technique with stains and ceramics.

You can read more about this collaboration on their Blogs MsMarmalades.Wordpress.com AnneMurrayCeramics.Wordpress.com

Tracey is also exhibiting at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen curated by Grampian Hospitals Art Trust.


About msmarmalades

Artist, Gallerist, Collector, Traveller and Foodie. Collections of inspirational places and experiences. Thoughts and observations I’ve made on the way!
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