Summer Entertaining Claremont Gallery Style

Set the scene for perfect summer entertaining with original bespoke gifts and accessories for you and your home from Claremont Gallery. Whether you are entertaining inside or outside this summer we have plenty of ideas for setting the right scene to create something really special for family and friends this summer.  We stock a wide range of  hand made, vintage and artisan made products for people who appreciate great craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We have everything you need to create the perfect evening – Hand Turned Wooden Bowls, Antique Chapatti Boards for platters, Wooden Serving Bowls,  Serving Spoons, Antique Silver Glass T Lights, Distressed Metal T Lights, Hand Blown Glass T Lights, Ester & Eric Danish Dinner Candles, The Coast Candle Co Scented Candles, Pondicherry Incense, Felt Embroidered Place Mats, Hand Made Folk Style Cushions, Cashmere Pasminas and Lindsay & Yoshi Bespoke Design Wool Wraps to keep you warm at night.

We’ve also put together lots of ideas for Sweet and Savoury Treats, Iced Teas and Cocktails for you to make this Summer.  Let us know how you get on and send us a photo and we’ll post to our Pinterest Page!


About msmarmalades

Artist, Gallerist, Collector, Traveller and Foodie. Collections of inspirational places and experiences. Thoughts and observations I’ve made on the way!
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